“Massive feather in the cap” is what the win on Manchester United will be like to the club under management of Roy Hodgson that is Crystal palace.

This time Crystal Palace has challenged Manchester United on Wednesday in the grounds of Selhurst Park, again with the strong determination, to continue their unbeaten seven games, last being in line is their commendable win over Leicester with a score of 4-1 at the weekend.

They fear that they might lose it under Solskjaer of Manchester but still Hodgson is all excited and ready to take this difficulty and his fear is very much expressed through his line that ”I’m looking forward to it but I’m wary of the fact that it is Manchester United”.

And this fear of his stands legit because this team is one which they have managed to draw twice and have won the last 9 matches and therefore they are scared to get into the game.

There loss has been very evident as even in the last game, both the sides finished goalless and this again means that Crystal Palace did not win against Manchester.

Hodgson has a belief that Solskjer has impacted the Old Trafford though he won’t compare it with Jose Mourinho, but winning against them would be creating a history for the club.

He added that Solskjaer has undoubtedly had an effect on the team; Manchester United is one of the best football clubs not only in England but in the whole world.

He talked about the change in such a way that it looks like the players have woken up a little and maybe have smelled the coffee and now realized that they are Manchester United cause it was not going that well before.

He concluded again by talking of the “victory as the feather of the club”.