25 thoughts on “Brighton v Crystal Palace (1-3) Zaha Goal – 27/9/11”

  1. @iEnglandUK Above on NYE? Hahahahahaha, jog on you silly prick. You lot will be lucky to finish above three teams this season. Relegation fodder.

  2. @iEnglandUK Millwall, what’s the score? Milwall Millwall what’s the score?!?!?! YEAHHHHHHH YOU SILLY CUNT 😉

  3. @iEnglandUK Hahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaha, you absolute cretin. Beat you yesterday and we’re above you by 10 points.

  4. Palace 3 Brighton 1 Brighton take it up the bum with a nik-nak scallywag give a dog a bone you know Brighton go on home!!!

    Come on you Palace

  5. @JHvsJRH We think no one likes us cos of our fans? LOL – you haven’t got a clue about our history or our song if that’s what you think then, but thanks for the hilarious quote, I might have to use that one myself!! lol

    Quick, you need to start attacking Brighton, they just got another bunch of gay supporters, Palace’s rep is going out the window quicker than lightning! LOOOL…

    The ‘we’re more gay than you rivalry’ is, to be fair, the biggest nancy-derby in the UK to be fair!! 😉

  6. @iEnglandUK Corr, you do like talking shit that’s not even true don’t you? 🙂 Millwall are pathetic, everyone knows it. You think nobody likes you because you have ‘hard fans’ hahahahahaha crack up :’). Nobody likes you because your fans are shit and think they’re something that they aren’t! But heyyy I’ll leave you to your fantasy ;)

  7. @JHvsJRH when was the last time you beat Millwall? Oh that’s right in 2002….. oh fucking laughable.

    Even when we were relegated you still couldn’t even beat us that year, that’s how SHIT you are.

    You call Millwall pathetic when you support a club who adopted a ‘we’re more gay than you’ rivalry with Brighton cos no one wants to be your main rivals!!

    How your blood must have been boiling when you found out Brighton are the gays of England – Palace couldn’t have that could they??!

  8. @iEnglandUK Man Utd D team? HAHAHAHAH. Nice researching, they had 9 Internationals on. We can never beat Millwall, please don’t make me laugh. Barnsley are on a decent run they would slaughter you atm.
    Why don’t you take your sorry ass back to the bottom of the league where you’re gonna be at the end of the season? 🙂 we’ll see NYE when we slaughter your shit pathetic excuse of a football club.

  9. @JHvsJRH Come back when you get to a cup final; and you won’t beat Cardiff, so don’t get your hopes up.

    Well done on beating the Man Utd D team after extra time… but one thing is for sure: YOU’LL NEVER BEAT THE MILLWALL!

    2-1 loss to Barnsley? How low can you go? We’ll be above you on News Years Eve. Mark. My. Words.

  10. @iEnglandUK Absolute ripped to shreds. You fucking waste of space your team is awful come back when you can beat Man Utd at old trafford you waster. See you on the 31st where we’ll dominate you in your shit waste of space stadium. 😉

  11. @JHvsJRH Are we still second bottom?

    We’ll see who’s laughing next week… gna get ripped to shreds by the lions!!

  12. @LLLLLLQQQQQQQ QPR, West Ham, Tottenham, Charlton, Arsenal, Fulham and Chelsea really aren’t rivals. Millwall are.
    @iEnglandUK You’d look like less of a tit if you admitted that Palace do in-fact make noise, at least more than Brighton. We don’t make as much as Millwall, fair play. We do make a lot, hopefully more this year than last year where the 1-0 result was one of the most boring games of football I’ve ever witnessed and then the 3-0 one of the most humiliating.

  13. What a night that was, incredible, I said to wilf leading up to the game Dougie, AJ, Zaha!?
    We now all know the answer

  14. @iEnglandUK Oh You mean when we where in turmoil last season which is why You done us over twice? And Your not stating Facts your Stating Bullshit such as “We dont make any Noise” that proberbly becuase you were winning 3-0 hardly going to support that Horror show were we? And i see the score Millwank 0 Burnley 1, Oh dear, the trap door awaits You.

  15. @iEnglandUK LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, another loss for Millwall? Second from bottom? YOU SHIT CUNTS AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. @LLLLLLQQQQQQQ Reckon you’ll be able to top your humiliating double defeat without a single goal against do you?

    Why were your fans chanting ‘We hate Millwall’ at the Den last season? We sung no such bullshit against you, obvious piss-taking as-you-do against a club who is proud of a pigeon flying around the ground “oooooh scaaaaary”


  17. No Rivals Ay, then what are: QPR, West Ham, Tottenham, Charlton, Arsenal, Fulham, Brighton, Chelsea, there rivals unlike little old Millwall. As for the Brighton Rivalry, that wasnt invented, it stems back from the 1970s when Palace were getting over 30,000 every meting between the clubs. But dont worry will we get our revenge over Your little club soon.

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