25 thoughts on “Drogba goal Crystal Palace”

  1. In the words of King Drogba himself: Blue will always be our blood and heart. Thank you very much. Thank you for everything.

    And if Chelsea ever needs me, I`ll even come back to clip the grass for them!

    King Didier Drogba, you LEGEND! <333

  2. His first goal for Chelsea was a bullet header, 156 goals later, he was scoring his last goal for the club, the most important goal in our history, with another bullet header. Thank you Didier.

  3. yea man, im gonna miss the lad so much, ended his Chelsea career on the highest possible high ever by giving Chelsea fans the biggest gift they could ever wish! truly the best big game striker to ever play in england (and maybe in history too). King Didier Drogba!!! <333

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