17 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Life Of A Manager – Crystal Palace | The Youth Academy Project – Zaha’s Numbers”

  1. You should sign russell from dundee he gets class and burries everything!

  2. thanks for you support men i got a new season coming out one of these days

  3. i dont know how but wtf how can carrol have 5 star skills , he should be 1 star skiller…

  4. get andy carroll, charlie adam, daniel agger, jordon henderson, stewart dowing or stevan gerrard all five star skillers

  5. its call the reverse flip flap (you do it by doing a flip flap n its reverse direction) if you still need help pm me

  6. how do you do that move in the 0:44 , before the goal , and how do you do that spin move , please answer , love your videos

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