14 thoughts on “Why didn’t Roy bring Zaha on earlier? Holloway mystified by England coach”

  1. you clearly have shit in your eyes and have never seen zaha play. walcott and young are shit compared to him. he is south londons ronaldo

  2. And I’m guessing you make that assumption because they’re in the premiership and Wilfs in the championship? I watch him week in week out and I can tell you that he should be playing for a bigger club.

  3. What other top national team has a player in the squad playing in the second division?

  4. I start to suspect that Holloway and Zaha are in some sort of gay relationship. WHat the heck is he talking about? Zaha is good, but Walcott/Young remain light years ahead of him.

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  6. this is true but the reason we lost was taking are key players off e.g. gerrard this match loss means nothing he played like 3 debuties if not 4, it doesnt matter:) but i agree with him totally i would of loved to of seen the young player for around 20 mins:)!

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