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  1. @SilverLiningVideos Not many strikers would be good championship players at 18. Drogba played in Ligue 2 until he was 24. Defoe was on loan in League 1 at 18

  2. @dougmeistertheeagle kids r the future of all clubs our fishbowl is superb as 4 atmosphere its brill keep up with the begging posters and coupon days you must hope zaha is worth 10 mill cos its the only way u will survive

  3. @CrammyGanstas lol he signed a 5 and a half year deal. If you sign him be prepared to spend over 10 million.

  4. @MrMatbri Your support is a load of 5 year ilds having their birthday parties in a fishbowl of a stadium. Good ticket income i’ll give you that but it makes a fucking shocking atmosphere.

  5. @SilverLiningVideos your support is not as good as ours you get 12000 we get 21000 our away support is bigger dont go on about plastics where r the missing 14000 in your prem days ?

  6. He didn’t play enough last season, as what little he got was with low experience.
    Everyone wait for his highlights of 2011-12, will be bloody amazing!
    And no clubs come around club links, he signed 5 year contract, so you better come up with pretty penny

  7. the only way we can know whether he will be a superstar or not is through FOOTBALL MANAGER

  8. @SilverLiningVideos you’re planning to mate with who and why did you see it fit to tell us that?

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