17 thoughts on “Wilfried Zaha – So Far – 2013”

  1. You hope he won’t be like nani ? 99.99% of footballers would be happy to play like Nani. When Ronaldo left, him and wayne carried the team. He suffured a lot from injuries the two past season, and it’s a player who needs to be at 100% physicaly to make his huge accelerations and shots.

  2. There’s definetely a problem in the winger area despite 3 classy players there so I think he signed Zaha for good reasons!

  3. Well. I won’t criticise Fergie, I know better than that. However, you do get the sense when there’s a problem in the squad, he sprinkles some wingers on it. :p
    He loves them wingers. I just hope this guy doesn’t end up being a new Nani, that he values the good of the team higher than his own ego, and learns to pass the ball in the right moment. Anyone can see he’s got great potential, I just hope he doesn’t waste it.

  4. So much hate for Wilf, great player (atleast great potential) its a shame he’s leaving us at the end of the season!

  5. People like you overhype him for some reason.. look at chamberlian he has a lot of potential but what did he actually do in the past 2 seasons?
    Walcott just this season is starting to show his true self after what.. 4 seasons? idk how long but since United needs an established winger as young is inconsistent and valencia is garbage this season we buy zaha.. fuck logic

  6. No, not at all. He passes perfectly at times, he just needs better decision making.

  7. Sorry, I made it 2 or 3 months ago & that account got deleted. I just re-uploaded it instead, It’s short because as you know, its kinda hard to get footage of Crystal Palace since they are hardly on TV. Thanks 😀

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