25 thoughts on “Wilfried Zaha – Still Speedin’”

  1. The Bullshit is just dripping off of you. You’re a 12 year old boy… Zaha
    is good enough for a premier league winners medal not 5th place, keep
    dreaming.. GEEZ!

  2. I’ve also personally spoken to Neymar he told me he was having beans on
    toast for tea.

  3. why the fuck did arsenal dropped their interest on this stud? gervinho is
    crap so is ramsey. if theo walcott resigns then he should be running the
    wings/cf with the likes of this dude. great potential and can d a lot more
    iso dribbles than gervinho.

  4. Yeah Arshavin isn’t a natural winger but he’s doing well there, well better
    than others would but there is too much competition through the middle,
    unless you sub Santi off during a game and put Arshavin there.That’s what
    i’d do.

  5. Gervinho and Chamakh reminded me of the chuckle brothers when they played
    together against Montpellier… 😛

  6. Dude this guy is crazy.. but what he said.. “I don’t see anyone better than
    me except for Ronaldo and Messi” .. I’m sorry to say this but, KISS MY ASS!

  7. All the transfer/scout rumours people are spouting on here are bullcrap I’m
    sorry to say to all of you. My brother, Leam Richardson is the manager at
    Accrington Stanley and he just called me now to tell me the great news that
    they’ve secured Zaha to be transfered in the next window. Up the Stanleys!

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