Alan Pardew is ready for the challenges that awaits him

Alan Pardew was able to rescue Crystal Palce from the bottom relegation zone of the Premier League and push them into the top ten spots of the top tier English League, it really doesn’t come as a surprise to see why Alan Pardew was one of the top candidates of being named as the best manager of the Premier League of the past season.

The 53 year old English manager Pardew stated that before he had officially jumped in as the manager of Crystal Palace, he had established talks and meetings with the former coach Tony Pullis and Pullis said that the club had a very good group of players but they still managed to perform beyond his initial expectations.

Crystal Palace’s Alan Pardew told the media: “Tony Pulis is a person I know very well and he had told me they were a tremendous group of players here and are a team of fighters and that is what we need to be at this club. There is tremendous technical talent here, which I think was better than I thought it would be, and I have managed to harness that to use it to the best effect of the club.”

Pardew believes that one of the main challenges that await him and his team is the fact that other managers and clubs are starting to get aware of the playing style and the main threats that Crystal Palace has. These clubs will be able to completely nullify the team of Alan Pardew in the upcoming season unless Pardew manages to change his squad or add in new players.

“The problem is when you have success and certain players do well and get noticed other managers come up with plans to stop us, but that is the next challenge where we have to change our game plan to be ready for the next challenge.’’ Alan Pardew added on.