25 thoughts on “Andy Johnson goals at Crystal Palace”

  1. i rly love andy johnson u know, even tho im a spurs fan and my names piers johnson

  2. Brilliant vid mate, AJ will always be a Palace legend. Was great seeing him at The Doog’s Testimonial.

  3. LOL, the last quality goal, a bloke ran onto the pitch and got chased around by the stewards 🙂 top half of the screen 🙂 WFC your a scumbag, palace 4 ever

  4. Very nice fella. Not sure about the rude lyrics (just watched this with my 6 year old lad!)

  5. wfcbornandbred ur a berk mate!!! watford r fuckin mickey mouse bunch of northern shite!! GET OUT!!!!!

  6. Oh and look who did exactly the same as watford… palarse. Without johnson your shit. With johson you were shit. Oh well we beat you at ur place 3 -0 in the play offs. The look on ur ugly faces was fucking priceless. HAHAHAH

  7. wfc take it there a shithead team not in the premiership bunch of no mark whoppers who are jealous of AJ

  8. how the fuck were cp in the prem. Fucking diving cheating scum dick face.

  9. haha glad 2 c Johno had been practisin scorin great goals past the shite b4 he became a blue! wot a ledge!

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