Crystal Palace To Be Up Against Manchester United

For those who wonder how Crystal Palace will fare in the game against Manchester United, some are of the opinion that they have the potential to beat Manchester United and lift the FA cup.

The final is scheduled this coming weekend. It would definitely be a big game in the history of the club. The FA Cup final with United being the opponents signify the level to which Crystal Palace has arisen. This is the second time in the club’s history that they have reached the finals. The last time was in 1990 when the game had been played against Red Devils and it had a score of 3-3 which led to an exciting match.

The Red and Blue Army have its fans being optimistic about their win this weekend. The first reason being that, last time they were not part of the top flight of teams. That they got as far as the finals said a lot about their potential as well as the way they lost the match. This year, most fans and experts feel that the pressure is on the opposing team. Manchester United will realize that their opposing team has performed well to get to the finals. They played a superb semi final against the opposing team Watford. They owned Wembley completely in that match. On the other hand, United needs to work hard as they have been disappointing their fans of late. Louis van Gaal definitely needs the trophy and if they lose this game, it will be the end of his career. Even though Palace is being considered an underdog in the upcoming finals, with players like Wilfried Zaha he will surely ensure that his team puts up a good fight. It remains to be seen how the teams will perform and whether Palace will emerge at the top.