If something is funny, it is because it is mostly true. United fans on Twitter are calling albeit jokingly for the club to sign Crystal Palace midfielder Luka Milivojevic after stats revealed that he is the third best penalty taker in the Premier League history.

Although statistics are mostly full of crap, it is not entirely useless. Sometimes it allows us or atleast directs us to the region with the higher probability of containing aneedle in a haystack. A whole branch of mathematics can’t be entirely useless no matter how many charlatans run it.

Despite being at crystal palace for only two years, the Serbian has managed to score 21 penalties, recording a success rate of 91 percent and finding his way to a record list of the English Premier League. Even the tiniest of achievements will make people see you in a different way and United fans aren’t shying away from admitting it.

What makes records worth talking about isn’t just the record itself but the picture it creates in comparison to others who have tried to etch their own names into such records. Also, surpassing such people automatically makes one’s experience into a whole new big thing with new meaning and all that stuff that will make a club’s fans celebrate you enough that the club has no choice but to sign you at once.

The Crystal Palace midfielder has surpassed the like of Leighton Baines, Danny Murphy and even our modern-day vampire, Liverpool’s James Milner. Making his achievement all the more glaring.

Manchester United are going through all sorts of woes and chief of them remains the fact that not only do they struggle to create enough chances to score, even when a match official hands them one by pointing to their opponents box, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial still manages to fumble.