Replaced and eventually forgotten in Chelsea, Cech still has a place in Czech Republic

A few weeks ago, PetrCech made a huge change in his playing career as he ended his relationship with Chelsea which spanned for over 10 years and the veteran shot-stopper joined Arsenal.

Even at his 33 years of age, PetrCech is one of the highest rated players in his position but he couldn’t compete against the likes of ThibautCourtois who has displayed his world class skills and earned the trust of Jose Mourinho.

Unfortunately for PetrCech, he will eventually be forgotten in Stamford Bridge despite of everything that he has accomplished with the Premier League club, some fans of the club will probably still keep the Czech in their memories but taking into consideration the steady rise of ThibautCourtois, memories of PetrCech will fade away.

PetrCech suffered in his last few years with Chelsea as he had to settle with being a substitute player as he watched ThibautCourtois take center stage and it wasn’t the best way for him to finish his stay in Stamford Bridge.

IkerCasillas and Real Madrid have experimented something similar as IkerCasillas left Real Madrid and replaced by KikoCasillas but the sad thing in these players is not that they have been replaced, every single player will eventually get changed by a younger version, the thing that has disappointed fans is in the way that these players had to exit their respective clubs.

Casillas announced his departure in a tearful press conference where he was left completely alone. It was a very different exit compared to Barcelona when all of the players of the Spanish squad were there with Xavi Hernandez after the midfielder announced his exit and the players as well as all the executives of the club were shaken up as they saw one of their most influential figures in the club leave. Continue reading Replaced and eventually forgotten in Chelsea, Cech still has a place in Czech Republic

Alan Pardew is ready for the challenges that awaits him

Alan Pardew was able to rescue Crystal Palce from the bottom relegation zone of the Premier League and push them into the top ten spots of the top tier English League, it really doesn’t come as a surprise to see why Alan Pardew was one of the top candidates of being named as the best manager of the Premier League of the past season.

The 53 year old English manager Pardew stated that before he had officially jumped in as the manager of Crystal Palace, he had established talks and meetings with the former coach Tony Pullis and Pullis said that the club had a very good group of players but they still managed to perform beyond his initial expectations.

Crystal Palace’s Alan Pardew told the media: “Tony Pulis is a person I know very well and he had told me they were a tremendous group of players here and are a team of fighters and that is what we need to be at this club. There is tremendous technical talent here, which I think was better than I thought it would be, and I have managed to harness that to use it to the best effect of the club.” Continue reading Alan Pardew is ready for the challenges that awaits him

Alan Pardew has dismissed suggestions that he feels quite relieved

Former Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has dismissed suggestions that he feels quite relieved to be away from the north-east club and into Crystal Palace. Pardew joined Crystal Palace at the start of 2015 and this has been beneficial to both parties.

The London club were involved in a relegation fight when Pardew came to the club. Since then, they have won several matches and have moved into a position where even a top-10 finish remains a possibility. Pardew was one of the longest serving manager in English football prior to joining Palace. He had been at Newcastle for four years.

During this period, Pardew faced a number of ups and downs. After coming very close to sealing a Champions League spot in the 2011-12 season, the manager faced a lot of criticism from his own supporters on a number of occasions. This was very evident even at the start of the season. Pardew has revealed that his biggest regret will come in the fact that he did not get enough results in the Tyne-Wear derby. Pardew became the first Newcastle manager to lose four consecutive matches against Sunderland. However, the former boss has praised the support received by Newcastle and says that it remains one of the best clubs he has coached. Continue reading Alan Pardew has dismissed suggestions that he feels quite relieved

Alan Pardew helps Club with his Magic

Alan Pardew has been once again able to weave his magic at a club struggling against the threat of relegation after his Crystal Palace team have achieved two back-to-back victories since taking over.

Pardew surprised many by decided to quit Newcastle United, who appeared to be in a position to get a Europa league spot, for Palace who have been struggling with relegation for most of the season. However, the recent victories have helped Crystal Palace look at the potential top half finish come the end of the season. Keen to build on this improved form, the former West Ham manager says that he is looking at signing a few players this January transfer window.

Crystal Palace are likely to have made a significant transfer funds available for Pardew, who has revealed that the club are targeting at least four players in January. Continue reading Alan Pardew helps Club with his Magic

Southampton will retain position in Premier League

Senegal international Sadio Mane says that Southampton can maintain their position in the Premier League top four going into the Christmas period. The Saints have been the surprise package in the league this campaign after storming their way to second place after 11 matches.

They are only four points away from table leaders Chelsea, who have been unbeaten this campaign. Southampton were expected to struggle after losing a number of first-team players like Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw over the summer. New manager Ronald Koeman made some vital changes to the team that appears to have transformed them into a well-oiled unit.

Even though Southampton are second in the table after 11 matches, not many are expecting them to retain this position in the top four at the end of the campaign. Clubs that usually start well often fade away in the second half of the season. The Saints had a similar start under Mauricio Pochettino only to fade away in the second half and finished closer to the bottom half of the table. A major difference between the Southampton team under Pochettino and the current one is the ability to defend well. Southampton have the best defensive record in the league after conceding only five goals.

“I hope and I am confident that we can hold this pace and level of playing football.Obviously, in the Premier League there are always the three, four or five big teams which can be found at the top of the table, but I am glad that so far, there are some teams up there that could be called a little surprise, including us.However, we have to stay realistic. It will be hard to remain where we are today. We will give our best to defend this place, and I have no doubt we have the potential and will,” said Mane.